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Workshops with Hurrah Hurrah
are a celebration.

They’re a communal feast of creativity and a space to push the limits of our artistry, vulnerability, and joy. Through our workshops, we enliven our vision of building long-term relationships with a community that is valued and listened to.


When we’re in a shared space, we treat our time together as a critical moment of discovery. Today might be the day we unearth all of life’s mysteries! Or it could be the day we flop down in a messy, foolish, howling heap. Either way, we will have spent our time wildly pursuing our craft (against all sorts of devilish odds) and unlocking a part of ourselves that might now feel the blissful need to have a little sing first thing of a morning.


We deliver the Hurrah Hurrah experience in-person to audiences across Sydney and Western Sydney but are always open to conversations about travel and online accessibility.


Our workshops for high school students are designed to support ensemble building, dynamic collaborative process, and group devised performance. Depending on the needs of your students, we can explore:


  • Generating ideas and creative research for theatre

  • Ensemble work and complicity

  • Creating compelling imagery for the stage

  • Improvised writing for performance

  • Structure and narrative device


Suitable for Stages 4, 5 & 6. Two hour workshops or full day intensives available.

a note on accessibility

Hurrah Hurrah experiences are for all humans. We really do mean that, and we’re committed to continual listening and growth. We will always run workshops in accessible spaces and offer spots for First Nations communities first, and free. Our General Manager, Alex also communicates in Auslan but is very slow and you are welcome to make rude signs and laugh at them. Carers, social workers, support, and therapy dogs are also welcome in our spaces – our only request is that they join in!



For more information please contact

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