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"an invigorating ensemble as fascinating as they are funny"

Suzy Goes See

Pippie finds herself in the ward from which patients don't usually return. The Doc will use any technological means to cure the next big disease that she is increasingly obsessed with diagnosing. Nursie, the last of the human carers, struggles with the technological takeover as he determines what Pippie really needs.

Roomba Nation is a playful and surprising look at how we live, how we die and what technology should do... not just what it can. 

Devisors and Performers Alison Bennett, Kate Walder, and Nick O'Regan

Production Design Duncan Maurice

Technology David Kirkpatrick

Sound Design Tegan Nicholls


Lighting Design Alex Torney

Stage Manager Emma Maloney

With assistance from Dr Curly Fries, Kate Sherman and Felicity Nicol. 


Roomba Nation first premiered at The Old 505 Theatre Sydney in July 2018. In 2022, the show began redevelopment under the new title: The Centre for the Treatment of the Curious Affliction of Living.

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