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Photography by Clare Hawley

We’re called Hurrah Hurrah because we wanted a name that described our mood rather than an activity. We know that the real wonder of the world lives inside the grey areas; the nooks and crannies. People are born, people die. People laugh and people cry. Nothing is just one clear thing. 

When we celebrate then, we know that we are celebrating the whole thing. The tears, the laugh lines, the beautiful, the ugly, the up and down and round and round. Not just the good stuff. All the stuff. The stuff that means we’re alive. 

It’s a libation. It’s a party. It’s a funeral. It's a wild ride. 




Artistic Director

Alison Bennett


Associate Artist

Rose Maher


General Manager

Alex Travers


Vision Statement

We aim to create a company which is built upon the long-term relationships created with a community that is valued and listened to. We want to create a body of work that asks artists and audiences to take a risk and come along for the ride even if we don’t all agree on the direction. We want each event to be a memorable experience for all involved, which includes discourse and communion as a standard practice. We want to make sure that we are always checking in with ourselves, giving and receiving inspiration and critique and always, always learning and growing. 

We are working towards becoming a full-time, financially independant company despite the improbability of this in these uncertain times. We embrace uncertainty. Even when it hurts. We aim to create opportunities for artists in a culture that is ethically and environmentally sound from its core.  

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